Bootcamp challenges and how I was able to adapt

Olushi Luqman O.
3 min readOct 2, 2018


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Resilience is essentially a set of skills — as opposed to a disposition or personality type — that make it possible for people not only to get through hard times but to thrive during and after them. — Mandy Oaklander

Andela Bootcamp has been filled with ups and down for me. Each of these challenges has pushed me a step closer towards becoming a world-class developer. Here are some of the challenges I faced and how I was able to adapt to them very quickly.

Fast-paced learning

During week one of Bootcamp, there was a 3-day self-learning which required us to go explore and learn on our own (away from the campus). Reason being, at Andela, it is believed that YOYO (you own your own) learning, growth, and even success. Being a learning organization, it’s important for every aspiring Andelans to build the mentality of owning their own.

It was a bit challenging at first but I quickly adapted by leveraging the resources provided to us by Andela and asking questions whenever I’m stuck.

Time management

Bootcamp is packed with lots of activities, needless to say, it’s quite important to be able to manage time effectively. At first, it seemed difficult keeping up with daily stand-ups and getting things done but as time passes I was able to pick up.

To manage and take control of time every day at Bootcamp so far, I plan ahead, have about 2–3 (important) task I must complete before the end of the day. Planning ahead is the key here for me, as it allows me to prioritize which task I’m supposed to be working on for the day.

Attention to detail

One of the non-tech skills emphasized on at Andela Bootcamp is attention to detail. During the first week of Bootcamp, I quickly realized I was lacking this skill (probably because I was rushing and skimming instructions & project requirements). I dealt with this by noting down every requirement for my project and asking lots of questions hoping someone would find something I missed and point it out to me, know if I’m doing things right or better improve on feedback given by my LFA (learning facilitator assistant).

Me making sure I got everything right from my LFA.

The journey has not been easy but we triumph still. So far, it’s been fun, challenging, educating and rewarding. Bootcamp have taught me how to push beyond limits and each passing day, I’m learning something new.