My reflections on Andela’s EPIC Values

Olushi Luqman O.
2 min readSep 25, 2018

Andela is a global engineering organization with a mission to empower the next generation of tech leaders across the globe. One thing you’ll hear a lot when at Andela is the acronym EPIC. Every Andelans (the people who work at Andela) talks about it, and how it’s a driving force for everything they do at the company.

But what is it really? The acronym EPIC stands for
. Excellence
. Passion
. Integrity
. Collaboration

Here’s a quick rundown of my reflections on these values.

E — xcellence

There’s a philosophy at Andela that everyone owns their own growth and learning. This is important to achieve excellence because Andela is a learning organization for passionate individuals with a burning desire to learn, unlearn and relearn. I’ve seen Andelans with ample knowledge of their area of speciality that still prepares like they are just starting out. They strive to give the best at what they do, this is simply because they understand their work is a representation of who they are and that they can only advance through merit alone.

P — assion

Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. No excuses. Every Andelans are lifelong learners who personify grit and approach every task with unswerving energy and conviction. From 8th best company to work for in 2016 to 1st in 2018, passion fuels everything that’s being done at Andela and that’s why they’ve set a very high standard above other tech companies.

I — ntegrity

I learned that Andelans speak honestly even when it takes courage. They are never afraid to say they don’t know when they really don’t and know how to ask for help from peers or support system when they are stuck on any blockers or challenges.

C — ollaboration

Andela grooms world-class developers, what that means to me is a person (developer) who is able to function and work on any software team, anywhere in the world. This ties back to Andela’s mission which says: “To advance human potential by powering today’s teams and investing in tomorrow’s leaders”. The “powering today’s team” is where the “C” in Andela’s EPIC values comes in. During Andela Open Saturday this year, Babajide Duroshola (Community Manager, Technical Talent) of Andela talked about the reason for the company’s accelerated growth and you guessed it — the power of collaboration.

If all this is a mouthful, just say #TIA (This is Andela)